Type, Speed, Languages: Medium Humanoid (Necron), 30ft., speaks Low Gothic and Necron
Abilities: +2 Str, –- Constitution, –2 Dex, +2 to one mental ability score, use Cha to determine bonus hp and Fort.
Hit Dice: Necrons are tireless, possess incredible resilience, and are geared for various martial purposes. This is represented by one racial hit die (d8), which give them +0 to their Base Attack Bonus, +2 Will, and 4+Int modifier skill points. These may be spent on Climb, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (local), Knowledge (religion), Perception, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, and Stealth.
Bonus Feats: Combat Armor Proficiency, Toughness
Weapon Proficiencies: Necrons are proficient with gauss weapons, simple weapons, and polearms.
Enhanced Senses: Darkvision (60ft.). Necrons can function perfectly without any light at all.
Armored Body: +2 natural armor
Eldritch Might: Necrons include their racial hit dice for purposes of arcane spellcaster levels, including spells known, spells per day, and spell effects. They do not gain any innate spellcasting ability, however. For example, a level 1 Necron cryptek will cast spells as a level 2 human wizard would, with the same power level and spell selection. A level 1 Necron lychguard will still not cast any spells.
Reanimation Protocols: Necrons’ bodies reform themselves after taking damage, granting fast healing 3.
Necrodermis: As robotic constructs, Necrons are immune to many effects which plague the living. These include mind-affecting effects, bleed, death effects, disease, paralysis, poison, sleep, and stunning. They are not subject to nonlethal damage, ability drain, energy drain, damage to physical ability scores, fatigue, and exhaustion. Effects that require a Fortitude save are ignored unless they also affect objects or are harmless. They do not eat, sleep, breathe, age, or tire, though their eldritch powers do require time to recharge as usual.
Suggested Class: Cryptek (Wizard). Necrons have access to an incredible variety of technologically-based arcane powers, and do not have to sacrifice their physical durability to pursue academia.

Necrons have a +1 Level Adjustment to balance their innate special abilities. They are asexual, and range from 6’0" to 6’6" tall. The Necrons are a race of nearly-indestructible constructs who long ago ruled the stars. Originally their lives were fraught with disease and early deaths, so using arcane technologies they gave up their frail bodies for immortality. Their price was terribly high, for their leaders doomed the entire race to an eternity of mindless servitude to their undying rulers. At the end of the long and terrible War in Heaven sixty million years ago, the Necrons entered their stasis-crypts, there to await the day when they may awaken and restore the glory of their proud dynasties. Now ancient tomb worlds are slowly awakening, including one complex buried under the sands of Esperon V…

For more information, see the Necron page of the Warhammer 40k wiki.

In a game starting below level 3, Necrons are part of the following monster class:

Table: The Necron

Level Hit Dice BAB Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skill Points Special
1st 1d8 +0 +0 +0 +2 4 + Int mod Necrodermis, Disciplined Mind, Ancient Might, Proficiencies, Darkvision
2nd 1d8 +0 +0 +0 +2 Toughness, Armored Body, Eldritch Might, Reanimation Protocols

Disciplined Mind: Necrons gain +2 to one mental ability score, their minds unfettered by living concerns.
Ancient Might: Necrons have +2 Strength and –2 Dexterity. Their ageless bodies are powerful, though not wholly immune to the ravages of time.
Other Abilities: As detailed above.


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