Deities in Warhammer 40k vary by race, but nearly all are warlike. Each deity has domains associated with it, which give its clerics access to various spells and abilities. Necrons, being entirely soulless, have no gods, and instead uphold ideas ingrained within their engrammatic programming. Likewise, the Tau, with no psychic resonance, instead have a devout belief in the Greater Good and their own manifest destiny.


Kaela Mensha Khaine: Neutral Evil; Death, Fire, War
Cegorach, The Laughing God: Chaotic Neutral; Liberation, Luck, Trickery


Includes Space Marines and Sisters of Battle
The God-Emperor of Mankind: Lawful Neutral; Law, Protection, War
The Omnissiah, Deus Mechanicus: Lawful Neutral; Artifice, Knowledge, Rune


Glory of the Dynasties: Lawful Neutral; Law, Magic, Nobility
Cryptek Might: Neutral; Knowledge, Magic, Travel


Gork (or possibly Mork) Chaotic Evil, brutal but kunnin’; Smashin’ fings, Strengff, WAAAGH! (Destruction, Strength, War)
Mork (or possibly Gork) Neutral Evil, kunnin’ but brutal; Kunnin’, Strengff, WAAAGH! (Trickery, Strength, War)


The Greater Good: Neutral Good; Community, Good, Protection
Manifest Destiny: Lawful Good; Artifice, Charm, Travel

Forces of Chaos

The Dark Gods are not appropriate choices for player characters, but are presented for completeness.
Khorne: Lawful Evil; Destruction, Strength, War
Tzeentch: Chaotic Evil; Chaos, Madness, Magic,
Nurgle: Neutral Evil; Death, Evil, Repose
Slaanesh: Chaotic Evil; Charm, Liberation, Trickery


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