Siege of Esperon V


2100 Local hours, Day 97 since last date check

Horizon Seeker, Holding Orbit over Esperon V
Today was among the most interesting of this assignment, and we may have finally discerned the nature of the energy spikes that first warranted our attention. By the Emperor’s hand, one of the recovery teams managed to bring back an intact, inactive Necron. They said it had been in a room within the cave system discovered last week, where a stalagmite had formed around it.
Its presence suggests that this may be an inactive Tomb World, in which case the energy readings coming from the poles and equator would be due to the crypts. It appears, at least for now, that the Tau we captured was telling the truth. I trust the xeno about as far as I can kick him, though, and he will stay in his cell until a more thorough interrogation can be performed. And of course, by then he’ll be dead, so it’s hardly a concern.
I have never encountered a Necron before, and having seen one I pray that I never will again. It looks to be more ornately detailed than I’ve been led to believe, though every bit as menacing as the stories. It had no weapon, probably scavenged eons ago. It would stand taller than a man if it were upright, and seems perfectly solid despite being a skeleton. I’ve forbidden the men from going near it, and most of them are terrified of it to begin with. I am eager to begin my own studies, and will continue detailing them here.


Rotheer Rotheer

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