Siege of Esperon V

Proximity Alert, functional.

Planets, galaxies, universes—bursting into life and fading into black holes. A thousand stars, born of the great, grinding eruption of two galaxies colliding. The slow pulse of a dying star. Twin stars, locked in each other’s orbit, slowly spiraling—
Amuntekh’s proximity alert blared through the screensaver.
Apparently, the green mortal—Ork, if the “Tau” codices were to be believed—had become impatient waiting for the “Tau” to return from his quest to deliver the body of the “human” for “burial rites”. The “Ork” and the smaller green creature had remained behind with Amuntekh to see what else could be scavenged from the bodies in the vast, cavernous expanse while Amuntekh indulged in his preferred screensaver.
Apparently, though, the bodies had been thoroughly molested and the “Ork” was now announcing his intention to investigate the “Sleepy Skellyton’s meat pockets”. Perhaps a reference to the gaps in his necrodermis. Whatever the intention of the “Ork,” Amuntekh was not interested in testing his reanimation protocols just to satisfy the curiosity of the “Ork”.
In a move faster than a mortal eye could track, Amuntekh swept his Rod of the Covenant into the ankles of the “Ork,” sending over 300 pounds of charging malicious intent careening into the ground with the force of a downed Nightscythe. It roared indignantly in his general direction, hauling itself to its feet.
“Close-encounter gravitational field,” Amuntekh deadpanned. “Automated protocol. Would not recommend approaching again.”
The “Ork” narrowed his eyes as if thinking very, very hard to evaluate the veracity of the statement— or perhaps trying to manage a particularly loud release of gas from his digestive tract, the expressions were very similar— before grunting and kicking its small green accomplice into cavern wall with a splat.


Rotheer J00ly

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