Siege of Esperon V

Personal Log of Brother Harigutt : Planetfall

The Emperor Protects. We survived planetfall only to be taken prisoner by a race calling themselves the Tau. We were greeted and given lodging by a Tau “ambassador” in a town they are occupying. I can only guess but I suspect it to be some kind of mining town and open air prison camp. I tended to the surviving crewmen and then set off to find the walls of this place not convinced by the smiles and assurances of our “hosts” the Tau. I would wait to start a revolt or plan an escape till after I had gather more information. As is the way with any town it was easy enough to find the bar. They took standard Imperial currency without question. It was me they took a second glance at as I was a new comer. My new hell started to take shape as I learned that the whole town sat on top of a tomb and at this bar’s center a well which granted access to it. For a few coins I was told the adventurous could venture inside, blasphemy and insanity. Not long after 2 green skins and a machine heresy that had also survived the landing similarly found this way station for the damned. They pressed the bar keep into service and ventured into the well “inviting” me along out of some compulsion. Not knowing if it was genuine or a precursor to something far less civil I went with them, my thoughts largely on the dead in the tomb below. Perhaps I could quiet them if they were restless. We would soon be embroiled in combat with a trap born of warp craft followed by a small camp of green skins. After vanquishing both we make camp for the night in a tomb room where the now gone green skins had previously dwelled. We couldn’t return up the well to the surface because the bar keep had fled at his first opportunity taking the rope with him. I can’t say I blame him. Still here I am left to my own devices traveling in a tomb of unknown making with two green skins and a machine heresy. God-Emperor of Mankind grant mercy upon my soul. I will do all that I am able in your service. Why the Horizon Seeker had not ended this place I will never know. The Emperor Protects.


Rotheer Pauldrius

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