Siege of Esperon V

From da Orky mouf uv Gooba Noksuf

Me an’ Giblets impacked good an’ ‘ard. Da pinty Gretchen wuz keen ta leg it all lickty split. ’E dont like close kortas wit me mitts. Ha har! Iz topped da doorz open, an’ me Orky eyez spot some Towz kreepin’ up onus. Shooda painted dem transportz red so dey go fasta.
Dem shooty gits show’d der faces, askin’ dippy queshuns like “Ooze ’umie?” Den all proppa dem ask me an’ Giblets ta come ‘n peace. Did me skin turn ’umie pink? Peacefur? BORING dat iz! Drabby! Iz know iz best ta get close, so ’ay made dem take me to da Towie boss man. Dat bitty said dere be fightin’ and smashin’ but ‘e gave us a silly bunk spot. We’z made it all Orky and da wayz I likes.
Giblets done snuk off, but Iz too keen an’ trakked ‘im to a drinkin’ ‘ole. An’ guessit, an ‘ole is wat dey ’ad. We frew bitz in da big ’ole. I tink it waz a well er sumfing. Den we frew erselfs. Me, da Towz, da daff ’umie, an’ da skelly Amuk gonnin. Giblet came afta.
Now I dunno wat ‘appened—finkin’ da ‘umie dun it—but an angry skelly showz ’is face, hopin’ fer a fight! ’Ere we go! Da dok iz in! Orky good timez!


Rotheer theinterrupted

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