Siege of Esperon V



It was in the late hours of night cycle when the specters came to torment me in my quarters. I dare not speculate on their intent or meaning. The denizens of the warp are lies and corruption given form. No saint or soul of the glorious God-Emperor would be so horrific or cryptic. As their first light appeared I began my prayers of protection and continued them after the lights vanished until I fell asleep.
I don’t know the exact hour but shortly later I was awoke again by what I can only guess was the ship being struck hard by an attack. It must have been a wretched and honourless blow as main ship power was instantly disabled, the emergency lights and klaxons came on, and the evacuation sigils bade us to get to the escape pods. As my door locks disengaged true horror was being set free. The Horizon Seeker is a research vessel, given its charge to host a priest of Mars in his research. From my time aboard ship I had become aware the subject of his research was the study of the foul xeno breeds, the most frightening of which was living Tyranid spawn. With the power now out I was certain they would be loosed, and from the screams I knew this to be true. I barricaded myself in my room and tried to call for help with the comm panel but it was dead.
Other crew must certainly be in the same dire fear I was, so to soothe their souls and calm their minds as we waited for help, I began repeating as loud as I could, over and over, prayers of protection every citizen of the Imperium would know since youth. The sounds of battle came but clearer heads prevailed as I heard the crew change from panic to prayer. When the lull in battle came I knew I had to take the chance and make a run for the escape pods, taking as many crew members with me as I could.
The next moments were a blur. Orks and something called a Tau were battling the loosed Tyranid spawn as I ran the short corridors to an escape pod, only managing to bring two crewmen with me. We hit the escape pod release switch, I did my best to secure the two crewmen and then myself, and began to pray, not knowing if the future held planetfall or being ended by a barrage from an enemy cruiser. The Emperor Protects. The Emperor Protects. The Emperor Protects.

From da Orky mouf Gooba Noksuf:
Da ‘umies dropped waves o’ bombz. From da sky, we Orkys were gettin’ swept. Silly ‘umies dinking da WAAAAGH done ’cuz of bombz. Dere waz a chopped-up ’umie transporta me and dis Gretchen Giblets stepped inta. Pinky ’umie bits on eveyting. Da boyz waz ’ere alright. Giblets waz bein’ all fussy and pinky—den we’z got picked up! Blazted ‘humies! Put me back!
Stow’ayz? ‘ow in da warp dis ’appen? An’ wit da git Giblets? ‘oy! ’e maddens me! I spared ’is gullet ’n kept me grabbas off ’is neck cuz ’e snoopy’d a bit. Findin’ dings iz whazee’s good at. Dis is no place for da best Orky doks I sayz! I’z need smashin’! Shootin’! Da Orks nee—
Gork ‘eard me! Da ship gotz all shakey. Litez ’n sirenz ’n ’umie panickyness! Giblets looked ’umie pink. Skared ’e was! Not Gooba! Not dis Orky dok! I ’erd screamin’. Good! ‘ere we go! ’ere we go Giblets! ’n troo da doorz came creepy beastz wit hooky bits! Fightin’ time! Me starez inta da creeps’ eyez, ‘n I seez da fear!
Me slugga gave up fasta den Giblets, but me angy shoutin’ bringz it bak! Dakka! Le’s go! Jus’ den da creepyz dead, an’ more swarmy dings showz up! Day tiny! Dinking me big choppa iz gunk?! Iz smashin’ dem good. Da buggies bit me good, makin’ me inna bitz get ‘umie. Gork ’eard me still, and da fight waz still imme! Stranga den da ’umies, a Nekro-skelly waz dere. An’ sum git arma’d up!
Dey waz clumzy. Shootin’ an’ missin’ an’ squakin’ about. Me Orky strengff heldz up, an’ I sayz Giblets go! Screamin’ like iz time fer killin’, Giblets an’ me tak da first espress droppa down. ‘ere we go Giblets! Ta planetside! Stop ya shivrin’ an’ grin all proppa like da Ork do!


Rotheer theinterrupted

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