This campaign uses the Pathfinder fantasy roleplaying system, sometimes jokingly referred to as “D&D 3.75”. The races, classes, equipment, magic, and other aspects of the world are “skinned” to fit the universe of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000, while still retaining the original rules. For example, all references to ‘elves’ are changed to ‘Eldar’, all forms of “magic” are either psyker abilities or highly advanced technology, and Space Marines are a playable race with a level adjustment to compensate for their superhuman might. Players can be unstoppable Necrons, fearsome Orks, cunning Eldar, or perhaps simple and courageous humans in a grim future where there is only war.

System Familiarity

This campaign is intended for players who are familiar with either tabletop roleplaying games (Dungeons & Dragons, White Wolf games such as Vampire: the Masquerade, GURPS, etc.) or the Warhammer 40k tabletop strategy game, or both. The rules follow those of an RPG, such as rolling dice to determine the success of actions, and the flavor is the grim Gothic future of the Warhammer 40k universe, where humanity’s faith in the God-Emperor of Mankind is tested every day by countless aliens, heretics, and mutants. Players who are familiar with at least one of the two aspects—and are eager to learn—will likely have the most enjoyment. That said, neither the DM nor the players should be expected to be experts on either subject—there are hundreds of codices, novels, magazines, and model statistics for the 40k game, and hundreds of rules, novels, and house rules for roleplaying games. Everyone should come to the table ready to be immersed in a fantastic world, without getting too upset over details.

The Siege of Esperon V

The game takes place on the newly-awakened Necron tomb world of Esperon V. The deathless Necrons have begun rising from their stasis-crypts, though it is uncertain at the outset how this world will execute its directive to restore the glory of the ancient dynasties. The Esperon system is perilously situated: it lies close to the recruiting worlds of the Space Marines’ Genesis Chapter, near the outskirts of Tau expansion, within an Eldar patrol zone, and a short jump from a nascent Ork Waaagh! Esperon III holds a vital manufactorum for the Imperium, Esperon IV has an Adepta Sororitis convent, and Esperon VI has had recent sightings of strange xenos with too many claws and teeth…

Our Heroes

The origins of the characters are left to the players to decide, as are their connections, histories, and motivations in the current conflict. Naturally, some races do not play well with others, so thought should be invested in making a believable origin story for the party. Sadly, having an Eldar warlock, Necron lychguard, human saboteur, Ork painboy, and Space Marine chaplain simply show up in a tavern sounds more like a joke than a proper character introduction.

The players will begin play on the Imperial explorator vessel Horizon Seeker. How they get there is entirely their own decision. The ship is a combination research platform, containment facility, and planetary investigation station.

Siege of Esperon V

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